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    After a couple of months of total chaos. We finally have put the last pieces to the puzzle back together, for now...   The recent months especially, Within this time we have reconfigured our little work station and also added a couple of new machines, why? Just because. Nah, jokes! because we want to bring a better Australian product to the table! We will do little tour later.   With the first drop of our dual colour prints here,  it’s a special time indeed. something we have been working tirelessly to achieve amongst lots of other things.   So we wanted to make this one super special, the first dual colour drop ever *drum roll* will be limited...

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"THE DEN" (Jacko's shed), it special place and holds plenty of sentermentel value for many reasons and SOMETHINGs happen for a reason and this is one.two years ago we stepped out and brought ourselves what we thought at the time was a huge deal (which it was) a screen and some shitty tools to go along with that, for those that don't know what a screen is, just know this its very important piece of equipment in SCREEN printing .with freshly buying a "screen" next step was to get a press, with the background knowledge and understating with what actually would go into making/acquiring press 0-1 we pursued that.with no luck with finding a reasonably priced press or one that...

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